• GLYDE MAXI Ultra Sheer Large XL Vegan Condoms Value Pack 100 Count Box
  • GLYDE MAXI Ultra Sheer Large XL Vegan Condoms
  • GLYDE Condom Size Chart MAXI Ultra Sheer Large

GLYDE MAXI | Ultra Thin Extra Large - 100 Count Box


Product Description

Need more room to 'play'? Enjoy ultra sheer sensation and generous room with GLYDE MAXI condoms, which are designed a little bit larger than a conventional Large or XL condom. Because GLYDE measures the inner not outer circumference, our large condoms offer a remarkably comfortable fit.

Made with our proprietary blend of natural plant-based formula of  thistle extract and rubber latex, and our patented ‘double dipping’ technology, GLYDE condoms are crafted for performance -- which feels sensational for both partners.

  •     Ultra Thin, generously proportioned
  •     No risky chemicals, no casein, talc, parabens or spermicides
  •     Lightly lubricated with an extra sheer and silky texture
  •     Low odor latex - no unpleasant odor or taste
  •     Electronically tested - exceeds global requirements for strength and resilience
  •     Certified Ethical & Vegan by the Vegan Society
  •     Non-GMO fair trade natural rubber latex
  •     FDA and CE approved
  •     Available in 12-packs or 100 count value packs
  •     Dimensions: Width 2.20"/56mm, Length 8.07"/205mm

Contrary to popular belief, the thinnest material doesn't guarantee enjoyment - it's all about choosing the right size. When a condom fits properly, it feels more natural and performs more reliably for both partners.

15% of men need a larger, more generously proportioned condom and GLYDE MAXI made with body-friendly ingredients and silky soft latex sets the bar. MAXI is a true large 56mm condom (the largest FDA approved size) measured from the inner circumference, with a little more room to move than with conventional large brands.

Made with our proprietary plant-based formula of sustainable natural rubber latex, and patented ‘double dipping’ technology, GLYDE MAXI is responsibly thin, free of risky chemicals, and crafted for pleasure. Plus, we’ve eliminated any latex odor or taste, so you can focus on the moment.

Not sure if you wear a standard medium condom or an extra large? Check out our ULTRA-MAXI 'Find Your Fit' size sampler.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Best vegan condom!

    Posted by Unknown

    My partner and I LOVE these condoms. They're the best quality vegan condoms we've come across (pun not intended), and they're such a great product that we invested in the 100 count box. They feel great, aren't irritating, and have a decent amount of lubricant on them (sometimes it's not enough, but that's okay).

  2. Great condoms!

    Posted by Nathan

    Recently purchased a 100 pack and they only sent me 36 total. Upon contact they were very apologetic and sent me a full box of 100 to make up for the mistake which they didn't have to do. I was only expecting to get the remainder of my order. Such a pleasure dealing with the customer service.

  3. Just what the doctor ordered

    Posted by Unknown

    Great size, thin feel, and no irritation leading to doctor visits for her. Couldn't be happier.

  4. a full box

    Posted by Unknown

    I prefer to shop in bulk and this does the trick. These condoms are great; very thin, but very, very durable (we did a rip test and well, score 1 for the condom!). They were comfortably lubricated. This condom fits my husband, but for back-door fun, shop a size smaller or you'll wind up with four inches of vegan-friendly condom hanging off of your man (and in your bum!).

  5. no yeast infection!!!

    Posted by candy

    The only condoms I can use any other brand gives me a yeast infection on the first use. Glyde is perfect without the side effect

  6. Very Happy with my Purchase

    Posted by Unknown

    These condoms are great! They have no latex smell and work great!. They have a more natural feel than other condom brands I have used. I think it's great I can use vegan condoms because it's not a product one would normally think of being made of animal. My only issue is I wish they were a bit more lubricated. Other than that these are amazing!

  7. Glyde Maxi feel great and match my values.

    Posted by Bryan L.

    Now that I’ve converted to Glyde Maxi I won’t use any other brand. They not only fit with my personal philosophy because they are ethical and vegan, they are more comfortable than any other condom I’ve used.